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San Francisco Mold Removal Services

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    San Francisco Mold Inspection, Testing, and Remediation


    The presence of mold growth in a building can have adverse effects on their health and the structural integrity of the building itself. Your home should not be the reason you fall sick. Why don’t you call us today to help you with your mold problem? We are the premier Mold removal and remediation service in the whole of San Francisco, CA. We have a reliable team of excellent mold removal and mediation experts who have tons of experience. Hit us up today for a free quote

    About Us

    At San Francisco Mold Removal Services, we are in the business of helping homeowners eliminate the scourge of mold in their homes and businesses. We understand how the presence of this scourge can be to our health and buildings. This is why we have invested in getting a team of experts who will help you handle everything from mold testing to the removal and remediation of your home.

    Our Services

    We are in the business of expertly removing mold from homes and offices in San Francisco. We work with a great team of experts who have loads of experience and access to the most sophisticated mold removal equipment in the market. Our goal is to keep homeowners and their homes safe from the inconveniences that come with mold infestation. At San Francisco Mold Removal Services, dedication to excellence is our watchword. This is why we only use the most effective mold removal techniques when we offer our services.

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    Mold & Health

    Having mold in your home or office can have very adverse effects on your health. Its presence can cause headaches, breathing problems, sneezing, itchy nose and eyes, and coughs among others. They can also cause your allergies to act up, causing you to manifest symptoms and allergies like hay fever. We care for the health of our clients. Staying in your home should not be the reason why you are sick. This is why we are passionate about mold removal and remediation.

    Mold Inspecting

    Mold Testing is a very important part of mold removal and remediation. First, we collect air and surface samples within areas of the building. Then, these samples are taken to the laboratory to be assessed. When the results are ready, our team of experts go through them to ascertain what type of mold is growing in the building and in which area it is the most prominent.

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    Mold Testing

    This is also another very important part mold removal and remediation. Just like mold testing, mold inspection is done when industrial hygienists come to inspect a building to identify areas in the house where there is mold growth. It is important because it helps us know where the source of the mold is and identify what type of mold we are dealing with.

    Mold Removal & Remediation

    After testing and inspecting, the next thing to do is to reduce the mold levels in the building. There is no textbook way to handle mold growth. At San Francisco Mold Removal Services, our staff consists of experienced and well-trained mold removal specialist who are well versed in the several techniques of mold removal. They know which one is suitable for your case.

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    commercial mold removal & remediation

    Commercial Mold
    Removal & Remediation

    Mold can slow down productivity in the workplace by a mile. The allergic reactions can make your workers fall sick on the job. The musty smell can chase customers and clients away. The presence of mold can also damage company property. We understand the importance of keeping the office environment clean and conducive. We are a business ourselves. This is why we always put in the extra effort when it comes to commercial Mold Removal and Remediation.


    We know you have questions. And we are ready to answer all of them for you.

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    Contact Us For More Information

    You can speak with our customer care representatives about scheduling an appointment for our services or make inquires, by dialing the number provided on our website. If you are not able to reach out during work hours, you can still reach us by filling the contact form available on our website. We promise to get to you as soon as possible.

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    “One night, I began to notice a weird musty smell coming from my bathroom. I wasn’t worried until the end of the week when the smell became too strong to bear. Soon enough, I called a plumber to check out my bathroom. When he told me, I had mold growing in my bathroom, I was shocked and confused. I hadn’t experienced mold before until that moment so I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to expect from San Francisco Mold Removal Services when I called, but they came immediately and soon enough, the musty smell was gone and the mold growth eradicated” – Donald

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    “For about a month, my asthmatic child kept getting more frequent attacks than usual while he was at home. When he goes out, the attacks barely came. Worried, we went to the doctor who told us to test our home for mold. He also recommended San Francisco Mold Removal Services. Before we got home, I called them and was fascinated by their swift and kind response. The part of the roof over my son’s room have mold growing and the mold was fast spreading to other areas of the house. We had to evacuate the home for a few days but it was worth it. My son has less frequent attacks. I will definitely recommend these guys. ” – Person 2

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    “I own a small restaurant here in San Francisco with a decent number of regular customers. I take hygiene very seriously because of my job. So, when I saw some mold growing in the corner of my kitchen, I called this firm to investigate. They did the job perfectly and helped eradicate the mold from my kitchen. It was literally a breath of fresh air. Kudos to San Francisco Mold Removal Services. They did a great job. I will definitely recommend.” – Kimberly