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Can My Home Be 100% Free Of Mold?

It is impossible for anywhere to be completely free of mold. Mold has a very important role in our environment. They play a major role in the disintegration of organic matter. The reason why they are in your home is because mold spores travel by air. They can easily get into your home when you do something as simple as open a window. They only become harmful to you and your home when the spores reach a damp and dark environment. Then, the spores begin to grow and release toxins into the air that are harmful fir you while digesting the material they are growing on. That is how they cause structural damage.

Do I Have To Leave The House During Mold Removal and Mediation?

This depends on the magnitude of the mold growth situation in your house. It will also depend on the location of the mold growth on your property. If the mold growth only affects one small room in the house, evacuating may not be necessary. However, if you have to remove mold in multiple hallways and rooms. Then, you may have to leave your home until the treatment is done. Ask your mold removal expert for more information

How Can I Prevent Mold from Growing In My Home?

The best way to prevent mold from growing in your home is to fix all the moisture problems in your house. Repair all the leaks in your walls, roof, plumbing pipes and gutters. Keep the humidity in your house low. You can use a dehumidifier for that. If you can, use only mold resistant paint and drywall to prevent your walls from absorbing moisture.

Where are the Common Places I Can Find Mold In My Home?

Moisture plays a very huge part in the growth of mold. So it is safe to say that that the most common places you can find mold in your home are areas of that have a lot of moisture. These include your kitchen and bathroom sinks, refrigerator, windows and window sills, indoor plants, attic, basement, garage, among others.

Should I Clean Up Mold Growth Myself?

Except you are a well-trained expert, do not try and clean mold by yourself. I know that are many articles and videos on YouTube that ‘claim’ to teach you how to clean up mold growth yourself. But let me tell you this, those do not work. I am not saying this because I want you to purchase our services. When you try to clean up mold yourself, you are putting yourself in danger. Professional Mold removers spend years of practice to master the job. They have the perfect equipment for the job and know the right techniques that will keep them safe from the harmful toxins. Also, we can get to do the job faster and more efficiently than you can.

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