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Mold Inspecting

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In simple terms, Mold Inspection is when a person looks for signs of mold growth in a building. It is very much unlike mold testing in the sense that there is no sample collecting or laboratory testing involved. However, very much like mold testing, it should only be performed by people who are trained and experienced in mold inspection. This is where San Francisco Mold Removal Services comes in. We have sound professionals who have years of experience in mold inspecting and other aspects of mold removal. Here are some of the things we do when we do mold inspections.

We search for evidence both current and past mold growth

Past mold growth is an indication that was water problem that will come back if there is a recurring leak. Also, it is important to note that past mold growth can cause people with allergies to develop reactions. In fact, there have been some cases where past mold growth has caused people who originally did have mold allergies to become allergic to mold.

We search for mold growth in parts of your house you can’t

Mold would grow anywhere in a building as long as it is a damp and dark. This includes areas inside the walls, the roofs, and even doors. If this is the case, your building and your health are at risk. If left to linger on, mold can cause intense structural damage to your building.

We know which type of mold to worry about

Having mold in your home can be very terrible. However, some mold growth can be normal. For instance, there are two mold types (Ceratoysitis and Ophiostoma) that grow on lumber. They grow on the sap of wood and stop when the sap dries. The wood may have black staining. But it will not cause any structural damage. However, to be on the safe side, we collect samples of the black staining to be tested in our lab to be sure it is not a threat.

We look for sources of moisture

It goes without saying that water is essential for mold growth. Mold cannot thrive where there is no regular water source. This is why we always search for areas of moisture when we inspect a building for mold. If there is mold, it is almost certain that there is source of moisture that needs to be eliminated.

We figure out how much mold you are dealing with.

It is impossible to know how much mold is present in your home until you do some testing. Don’t ever think that the moderately large patch of mold under your sink is all you have to worry about. Once you see signs of mold growth, you have to inspect your home for mold immediately. Mold inspecting will help you figure out how much mold is present the building.

With this piece of information, our mold removal experts can identify the appropriate technique to be used to eradicate your mold problem.

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